Dr. John S. Caputo

Dr. John S. Caputo

Director/Intercultural Communication (Professor and Walter Ong, S.J. Scholar, Chair, Master’s Program in Communication and Leadership Studies, Gonzaga University)

Dr. Caputo earned his Ph.D. from the Claremont Graduate School and University Center. His areas of expertise include media and social values, communication theory, intercultural and interpersonal communication, communication and culture. He is the author of six books: Dimensions of Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Communicating Effectively: Linking Thought and Expression; Public Speaking Handbook: A Liberal Arts Perspective; Effective Communication Handbook; and McDonaldization Revisited: Critical Essays on Consumer Culture. Dr. Caputo has been honored as a Visiting Scholar In-Residence at the University of Kent at Canterbury, England and the Masters Program in Media and Communication at the Universita de Firenze, Italy. He has been taking student groups to Italy for the past seventeen years and has been part of the Cagli Project since 2002.

Kristina Morehouse

Storytelling (M.S. University of Kansas)

Kris Morehouse graduated with honors with an MS in Journalism from the University of Kansas, one of the top journalism schools in the country. Her previous degrees include a BS in biology from the University of Missouri – Columbia and a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Missouri – Kansas City – also with honors. Kristina worked 13 years as a reporter and editor at The Spokesman-Review where she earned several writing awards. Kristina teaches media studies and communication theory in the Communication Studies Department at Gonzaga University. She also teaches master’s level writing for the MA in Communication and Leadership Studies program. Kristina Morehouse has been with the GonzagainCagli project since 2009.


Giovanni Caputo

Italian Language and Translator (M.A., B.A. in communication and fine arts, Gonzaga University & The Evergreen State College)

Aside from teaching in Italy, Giovanni has spent time teaching at various levels in the French public school system. Back in the U.S., he works as a French translator and graphic designer. Giovanni’s academic interests include journalism, short story writing and storytelling. In addition to teaching a course on journaling in last year’s Cagli program, he was also the editor of the Armagh Examiner and Around Armagh, online news and information blogs created for the program InArmagh 2007. Giovanni has been with the GonzagainCagli project since 2009.


Dave Maialetti

Photography (C.C. of Philadelphia, Staff Photographer at Philadelphia Daily News)

Before joining the Daily News in 1997, he worked at the Press Enterprise newspaper in Bloomsburg, Pa. Maialetti is the director of Philadelphia Conference, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and advancement of photojournalism. He is a former president of the Pennsylvania Press Photographers Association. Currently teaches the Introduction to Photojournalism course at Community College of Philadelphia and is an adjunct at Temple University. He is a 1989 graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications. Dave instructed photography for the 2006 Camerano Project as well as the 2007 & 2008 Cagli Project hosted by ieiMedia and has been with the GonzagainCagli project since 2009.


Yolanda Chang

Yolanda Chang is from Kaohsiung in Taiwan. She came to Spokane, WA to pursue a master’s degree in September of 2015. She is currently pursuing her degree in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga University. She appreciates her adoptive home, and the diverse colors that the seasonal changes bring. She loves all kinds of outdoor activities; especially water sports such as surfing, kayaking, and paddle boarding. Overall, she is a very active and energetic student. Her life motto is “Where there is a will there is a way”.  Read her story Giovanni Celli: Not Just Horsin’ Around 


Kailee Dunn

Kailee is an online student in Gonzaga University’s Communication and Leadership Studies program. She currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts, where she works for the Boston Red Sox. A born Washingtonian, Kailee grew up in Kennewick and received her Bachelor’s Degree from Eastern Washington University. After graduation, Kailee took some time to travel and work as a public speaker. She is expected to complete her Master’s Degree in May of 2017, and hopes to continuing travelling and working in media literacy. Read her story Found in Translation.


Aimee Elber

Aimee Elber graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Western Washington University and is now a graduate student pursuing a Masters in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University. Aimee is a Manager in Student Services at the Community Colleges of Spokane. As the first student in her family to obtain college-level degrees, she values education and life-long learning. When she isn’t in the office or attending classes at Gonzaga, Aimee is working to build her own Career and Life Coaching business, where she aims to help individuals pursue their occupational goals and find satisfaction in their chosen life journey. Read her story Old Techniques and New Demands: A Family Legacy .


Rachelle Favorite

Rachelle Favorite is from Kent, Washington. She received her BA in Communications from the University of Washington. While pursuing her undergraduate degree, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain. She became hooked on seeing new places and making new friends. Rachelle’s thirst for adventure continued when she decided to work for Holland America Cruise Line. Working on cruise ships led her to many places all over the world. After her stint on cruise ships, she decided to get her pilots license and now currently works for The Boeing Company as a resource-planning manager. Read her story Through the Eyes of the Lens.


Ellen Murphy

I am currently enrolled on-line for the Gonzaga Masters in Leadership and Communication. I chose intercultural focus in an effort to use my passion of cultural nuances in a professional environment. The experience of Cagli, Italy allowed me the privilege to use intercultural communication to test some communication theories. Nomenclature communication barriers are often unexpected and unique to either the listener or the speaker. These barriers can include presumption of language, acronyms, slang and non-verbal gestures. While I am stretched thin, I step away from my ethnocentric communication. I endeavor to understand a different perspective such as the Cagli way of life. I enjoyed listening to and finding local avairan life. The Swallows were an enchanting distraction. Read her story Saving the Past for the Digital Future.


Kelli Pastore

Kelli fancies herself as a lifelong learner. When she gets bored, or is feeling under stimulated, she goes back to school. She began to again feel stagnation setting in, so she enrolled in the master’s program at Gonzaga in the winter semester of 2015. After this Cagli experience, Kelli will begin her master’s thesis writing. Kelli enjoys sampling pizza at every place that makes pizza in and around the Cagli area. She also enjoys being the mother to a bubbly, soon-to-be, seven-year-old daughter. Her favorite color is green, and she will run when being chased. Read her story Enzo Torcoletti: The ‘Sometime‘ Resident Artist.


Art Por Diaz

Sup. Art is from Oakland California and an undergraduate senior at Gonzaga University. Art is studying Theater Arts and Communication Studies. Art likes painting Donald Duck while listening to rap music. Read his story Let the Beat Drop.


Samantha Quintanar

Samantha Quintanar is a writer, theater geek, rock and roll wild child and occasional pin up model from Los Angeles, CA. She is currently the Executive Assistant for Healthy is the New Skinny, a brand dedicated to promoting health and body positivity for women. As an advocate for body image, she hopes to help transform the way society views health and beauty by educating and empowering women to be fearless in their endeavors and journeys to self-love. Read her story Profumerie Leoni: The Sweet Smell of Success.


Nick Stjern

Nick Stjern is a graduate student in the Organizational Leadership program at Gonzaga University. He earned his undergraduate degree in kinesiology with an emphasis in sport psychology from Western Washington University and minored in economics. Nick is currently focused on improving his understanding of organizational systems, strategy, and culture. Following his time at Gonzaga, Nick would like to pursue a career as a management consultant and help companies and organizations reach their full potential. Read his story The Boatman of Cagli.


Kate Storms

Kate Storms obtained an undergraduate degree in business administration with a focus in accounting and a minor in entrepreneurship and small business management from Montana State University. In December, Kate will complete the organization leadership master’s program through Gonzaga. Currently, Boeing employs Kate in finance on the 787 program. Getting married in July is Kate’s next adventure upon returning from Cagli. Read her story The Gentleman of Cagli.


Marie Tjernlund

Marie Tjernlund is an online student in the Gonzaga University MA Organizational Leadership program. A leadership consultant and executive coach, Marie has more than 20 years of experience in leadership and management development, multi-generational diversity, communications, conflict resolution, team alignment and personal empowerment. Marie received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre (Acting/Directing) from Southern Oregon University and is scheduled to graduate from Gonzaga in Summer 2016. Marie lives in Gig Harbor, Washington with her husband, Dr. Christopher Gilbert. She is the very proud step-mom and friend to Stephanie and Shannon. With her love of gourmet cooking, international adventures, and sailing with her Captain on Crescendo, it is no surprise that her most memorable event before arriving in Cagli was recreating the last dinner on the Titanic. Here’s to you, George! Read her story Generosity.