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A Mother’s Inspiration

by Kerel Pinder.

When patrons step into the Loft Parrucchieri they are welcomed by the sweet aroma of Liza’s blueberry cake. Women of Cagli not only come to The Loft to maintain their feminine beauty. They come for a dose of Liza’s maternal wisdom and care.

This quaint and stylish salon may be the brainchild of Liza’s son Matteo, yet Liza was his inspiration. Liza Violini began styling women’s hair at the age of 14; at the time she never dreamed her son would become one of the most renowned hairstylists in Italy.

The regal redhead has over 60 years experience styling hair and making women beautiful. Cheerfully, Liza boasts of time spent with faithful older customers, leaving the younger generation to her son and his protégé’s.  Liza takes great joy in passing these talents on to her beloved son. “I am very proud him,” Liza exclaims with a bright smile. “It brings me great satisfaction to see everything he has done.”

From a young age, Liza saw how intelligent her son was. “He was a very bright child, too bright for his own good” she chuckles. Matteo’s potential emerged during the years he spent helping Liza. Liza was sure to nurture his talents.

It wasn’t until after Matteo’s mandatory year in the military that he came to his mother for advice on his future. Liza told him he was talented enough to become a hairstylist. Taking his mother’s advice, he followed in her footsteps and dedicated a year to training. Today, Liza’s encouragement has helped birth five chains of colorful, yet elegant Loft salons.

Fifteen years ago the doors of the Loft Parrucchieri were opened in Cagli. The Loft’s goal has always been to give astute attention to each customer. A keen eye for perfection is seen in each cut and color. Bleach blonde highlights, layered cuts, and curls that bounce with flair are just some of the detailed cuts found at The Loft.

Liza beams with pride about her son and her upcoming trip to Paris where he will receive an award for the best hairstylist in Italy. It is a mother’s dream to witness the great accomplishments of her child; therefore, Liza is eagerly waiting to stand by his side.

Liza’s strong encouragement to Matteo, assuring him that his talents would payoff, is the same maternal wisdom Matteo passed on to Letizia Renga, who continues to work with Liza at The Loft.  Letizia, a warm-hearted woman with an edgy short haircut, spent her college years pursuing a degree in nursing. Like Liza, Matteo cultivated Letizia talents, convincing her to leave nursing school to train under him.  Letizia rose to the challengeand is now happily living her dream working as a hairstylist.

Letizia travels with Matteo and the entire Loft team to the fashion capitals of Italy for exotic photo shoots, high-end fashion shows, and specialized training. “I specialize in coloring and dying,”Letizia explains. “I consider myself a chemist. It takes a lot of research in order to stay current on whatis trending and what is also best for my clients.”

Letizia, however, is not just a hairstylist. She is also a nurturing friendwho caters to each woman who steps into The Loft. Letizia’s loving-nature is reflected in her eyes. Her fulfillment comes both through perfected hair care, and the joy of forming relationships with her customers. “I love coming to the Loft, they are simply the best,” faithful customer Edy Buraia confidently expresses.  Edy and her daughters have been coming to The Loft since its inception.

Letizia recently was appointed director of The Loft in Cagli and Liza serves as her motherly mentor. Liza and Letizia share an intimate friendship that helps create the sweet and inviting atmosphere of the salon. The ladies of The Loft savor blueberry cake, stories about upcoming social gatherings, and the latest in Cagli news. Most importantly, they share their dreams.

Everyday generations of Cagliesi women walk into the doors of The Loft, leaving with a greater sense of style and words of maternal wisdom. Liza’s encouragement to her son serves as an example of how far one’s dream can go.

Cagli may be a small town, but it is where Liza perfected her hairstyling technique and where Letizia found her passion for cutting and coloring hair. Cagli is home to the very first Loft Parrucchieri; a great reminder of the importance of a mother’s inspiration.